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Higolot™ 8-tone portable mini thumb piano

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🎵A pocket-sized thumb piano, your portable music companion🎵


  • It is made of natural growing solid wood, with beautiful texture, hard material, stable size, good comfort, uniform texture, clear texture, soft and smooth tone, and firm structure.
  • The classic process is more reliable to use, and it has been tempered with ingenuity through several processes. Selecting high-quality wood, using traditional craftsmanship structure, ingenuity polishing, every step is carefully crafted to create nearly flawless products. Hand-polished, smooth and round, beautiful to use, clear texture, smooth and burr-free.
  • Products go through strict procedures, paying attention to every detail to enhance the taste. Integrated plate body, the sound is crisper and more ethereal. The vibration of the shrapnel is more restored, and the sound is closer to the music box. A portable music companion, compact and easy to carry.
  • It can exercise children's finger flexibility, pronunciation perception rhythm, and improve memory. The matching lanyard is provided, which can be worn on the chest by the child, which is very light.
  • Multiple uses. More than just playing an instrument. It can also be a decorative ornament or to wear to play. A great gift choice for friends and family.
  • Various materials are available. Crystal models, crystal clear, smooth and translucent. Beech wood, smooth and delicate, beautiful wood grain. Acacia wood, delicate texture, strong corrosion resistance. Mahogany wood, beautiful and durable.


  • Size: 8*7*4
  • Packaging: carton packaging
  • Weight: 85-95g

Package including:

  • 1* 8-tone mini thumb piano