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Higolot™ Car Trunk Stowage Fixing Velcro Straps

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This miscellaneous car straps will make your life better.

This storage belt effectively solves the problem of rolling basketballs in the boot . securing luggage . toys . bottles . musical instruments etc.
Solve the problem of messy trunks with elastic pockets that stretch into any shape while safely securing items and preventing loose items from rolling around and taking up too much trunk space.

Product features:
  • Highly elastic strap: Velcro design on the back for a strong hold . not easily deformed . easy to install and remove . you can use it to secure other items that need to be held in place.
  • Highly adhesive . no damage: You can stick it in the boot of your car. The opposite side is lined with strong Velcro and sticks firmly to the suede surface of the boot . ensuring that the storage strap does not come off and remains shiny and clean when torn off . leaving no residual adhesive.
  • Space-saving straps: Save more room to store things because it prevents loose items from rolling around in a messy organisation and taking up too much space.
  • Hold on tight: Car boot fixing with storage straps with multiple dividers will prevent your car essentials such as fire extinguishers . first aid kits . and utility equipment from being safe and prevent collisions with each other that could cause damage to your car.
  • Scientific design: Multi-functional use - do what you want.

    Material: Polypropylene 
    Self-adhesive: Velcro
    Size: 50mm x 200mm . 50mm x 400mm . 50mm x 600mm .50mm x 800mm.
    Colour: Black

    Product includes: 

    1 piece / 1 set (4 pcs) x Car Trunk Stowage Fixing Velcro Straps