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Higolot™ Cream Texture Lipstick Waterproof

Customer Reviews

One-of-a-kind, creamy texture lip gloss formula is lightweight, non sticky, and moisturizing with stardust and a rich metallic finish.

  • Creamy texture lip sticks:The color of the lip gloss is pure, apply it to make your lips plump and shiny, smooth like cream, and make you shine all day long.
  • Moisturising liquid lip balm: It doesn't stick even with cream gloss. Use it with a lip balm to get the look you want, moisturising your lips and making them feel soft and suitable for every face.

  • Fully pigmented lip gloss: High pigmentation, each color can provide you with luxurious shades and add color to your lips.The actual lip glaze color is subject to the lip effect.
  • Long-lasting and waterproof lip color: Keep it on the mouth for a whole day without stress, and the color will not be destroyed by drinking water and eating.

  • The best gift: This is the best gift for women. The high-quality shell and beautiful lip color will surprise friends. You can use it on dates, holidays, parties, weddings, etc.


  • Ask: Is harmful to Human Health? 
  • Answer: NO,this product was inspected through expert and certification of FDA.
  • Size: 2*2*12.5cm

Package Include
  • 1/3*Cream Texture Lipstick