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Higolot™ Fabric texture waterproof heat-insulating leather placemat

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Vintage Style Leather Placemats
Choose the right placemat to make every meal look more delicious, warm and ceremonial.


  • 【Beautiful gloss and soft texture】This placemat is available in four colors, khaki, blue, black and gray. The colors are soft, layered and durable. The retro leather placemats are soft and fit the tabletop, which enhances the dining style while preventing stains. Can be curled at will. It is also easy to organize when not in use.
  • 【Fabric Structure, Delicate Texture】The crisscross texture of this placemat reflects a chic and fashionable sense. The edge of the placemat is neat and firm, preventing stains and dirt from entering the interior of the placemat, protecting the placemat from damage, and can be used for a longer period of time, and it is more convenient for cleaning.
  • 【Applicable to Various Scenarios】This placemat is oil- and waterproof, easy to clean, soft in texture, easy to store, heat-insulated and wear-resistant, and recyclable. Suitable for home use, restaurants, and casual dining.
  • 【Insulation and anti-scalding, thick material】This placemat is thicker than ordinary placemats, has good heat insulation and anti-scalding performance, and can effectively protect the desktop from damage.
  • Precautions:
    1. The placemat has heat resistance function, but only below 80 degrees Celsius
    2. Wipe with a wet towel or soft cloth, dry in a ventilated place, do not expose to the sun, and do not soak for a long time.
    3. Please avoid exposure to the sun to avoid fading and yellowing.
    4. Please avoid using sharp objects to prevent the placemat from scratching
    5. If it is stained with chili oil, ketchup, red wine and other things with pigmentation, it needs to be wiped immediately, otherwise it will leave traces.


  • Material: PU
  • Size: 43cm*30cm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Color: Khaki, Blue, Black, Gray

Package including:

  • 1*Fabric texture waterproof heat-insulating leather placemat