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Higolot™ High Pressure Water Gun Long Nozzle

Customer Reviews
✔This high-pressure water gun takes just a few seconds to remove any stains!💦💦💦

🌈Whether it 's cleaning the car or the ground . watering the garden . or bathing your pets . as long as you rotate the spray head . you can have four functions of water pressure!💧💧💧

  • Pressure Adjustable —— By rotating the head of the hose nozzle left and right . the size and shape of the water pressure can be flexibly adjusted.
  • Durable brass head and metal zinc alloy body —— Made of 100% metal. Heavy-duty design can withstand pressures from 50-100 psi and high pressure GHT from 180 to 270 psi.
  • Solid brass connection —— Resistant to high pressure water and prevent cracking . the one-piece design and rubber hose gasket provide a rugged seal that eliminates leaks.
  • Compared with ordinary water gun —— Strong water pressure removes stains quickly . adjusts shape and pressure . waters gardens and bathes pets


  • Package Included : 1 x Pressure Washer Gun
  • Color: Silvery 
  • Material: Zinc alloy(body) + Copper(Nozzle head) + Zinc alloy(handle) 
  • Size: 21cm x 20cm x 5cm