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Higolot™ Kitty Litter Cat Cattery Window Hammock

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Your baby cat must need it!

Cats are often more comfortable in higher parts of a room where they can keep an eye on the world below them.

Most cats instinctively prefer being in high places as it makes them feel calm, safe, comfortable and less anxious.

Give your feline friend what they deserve with our Calming Window Cat Hammock.


  • ✔️  Easily installed on any window, wall or even a cupboard! No tools required.
  • ✔️  Perfect for apartments or high rise living.
  • ✔️  Perfect for curious, playful or anxious cats.

    • ✔️Cost Effective and Space Saving: Cost 4x LESS than a cat tree and will no doubt save precious space in your household. The luxury cat hammock offers a unique and safe place for your fur babies to get comfy and watch the world go by. It is also perfect for anxious cats who might like to be left alone to familiarise themselves with their surroundings.

    • ✔️Strong and Secure Industrial Suction Grip:Encourages a sense of safety through nesting at a height that suits your cat. The hammock comes with 4(four) extra large industrial suction cups made with premium material to ensure a strong and lasting hold.
      • ✔️Holds up to 35kg: Perfect for our bigger fur babies and multiple kitten clusters. The hammock is held up by industrial suction cups that is attached to the hanging metal wires, ensuring a secure hold. We've seen our hammock occupied by 2 and even 3 kitties at a time!



        • Material: Weaving cloth mat, PVC frame, strong suction cup, steel wire
        • Hammock Measurements: 55*35cmor 22* 14 inch
        • Metal Hanging Wires Measurements: 75cm long or 29.53inch long
        • How to Install:

          Packing Include:

          • 1*Kitty Litter Cat Cattery Window Hammock