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Higolot™ Owl Alarm Flashing Sound Critter Repellent

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It's scary and annoying to meet mice or other critters. With our Critter Repellent, you can target pests without toxic pesticides. Say goodbye to those hateful mice and harmful pesticides! Keep you away from animals and your garden chemical-free.

How it works: When outdoor pests approach, the motion sensor is activated, the owl's eye LED light flashes, and ultrasonic waves are emitted to drive away the target animal.

Main Features

  • Realistic Body and Motion
    Activated flashing eyes and sound functions, realistic fake owl scarecrow can effectively fight off birds, natural enemies of squirrels, pigeons, rabbits, and other unwanted animals.
  • Protects Your Garden from Damage
    It helps aid in the protecting lawns and gardens from pests with timed, yet natural, solar-powered movement – no batteries required. No mess, no smell. Totally safe to humans and the environment.

  • Add Owl Alarm To Your Garden
    Owl alarm mimics the look of a real owl. Not only does it target outdoor pests, but it also makes a beautiful decorative statue in your garden. Place in your front yard, backyard, garden, patio, or on your deck.
  • Pesticide-Free Pest Control
    Say goodbye to those harmful pesticides and chemical sprays! With owl alarm, you can target pests without toxic pesticides. Keep your garden pesticide- and chemical-free and avoid being damaged by animals.
  • Light, Ultrasonic Sound, Motion-activated 
    When an animal gets in range, owl alarm gives off an ultrasonic sound that targets and bothers critters. You won’t hear a thing but the sound waves are unpleasant to raccoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and mice. 

Perfect for gardens, decks, boat docks, rafters, barns, open porches, and patios.


Material PP
Product Weight 365G
Product Size 9 × 11 × 20cm
Package Contents 1 × Owl Flashing Sound Critter Repellent



  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.