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Higolot™ Paint Roller Brush Painting Handle Tool

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The Paint Roller Brush will provide a perfect solution for the home decoration and furniture renovation.

  • Excellent Paint Brush - The Paint Roller Brush is for painting large surface . such as wall . door . floor . ceiling . roof.
  • Cover a greater area faster and more evenly - Perfect finish on any surface . rough or smooth
  • Long Lasting Quality - The material of the brush is Super Fine Flocked . they are washable and reusable. Wash the roller after painting .dry it and store in cool dry places.
  • Washable and Reusable - No wasting time bending down often to your paint tray to reload the roller. Just pour in . snap on the lid and Paint! After using . clean it . dry it and keep it for the next time. Painting filling and clean-up are quick and easy
  • Save the time and money - No prep time . NO drop sheets . NO tape masking. Just Pour and Paint to revitalize any wall or surface in just a few minutes

How to use:

- Simply open the paint runner pro roller and fill it up with 900ml of paint. All the paint is contained in the patented roller so there's no constant dipping in a roller tray.
- With the included pole adapter you can use virtually any broom handle to paint ceilings in a flash.
- Paint Runner Pro's patented microfiber roller is perfect for virtually any surface.
- Delicate wood . render . wallpaper . textured rubber mats and even porous concrete can all be covered in one coat with the Paint Runner Pro and clean-up is as easy as rinsing under a tap.
  1. The product should be cleaned and dried before the first use. 
  2. If the coating is difficult to penetrate . recommend dilution after operation. 
  3. In the process of brushing . you don't have to brush or press the brush in the same direction . so it works better.
  4. Do not exposure the brush under the sun too long . otherwise the roller brush will harden.

Package Included: 

  • 5 Packs: 1 x roller paint pro; 1 x flocked edger; 1 x corner pad; 1 x resting tray; 1 x easy-pour-jug
  • 8 Packs: 1 x roller paint pro; 1 x flocked edger; 1 x corner pad; 1 x resting tray; 1 x easy-pour-jug; 3 x extension handles


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