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Higolot™ Portable AC Personal Desktop Air Conditioner

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Meet Your Ultimate Cooling Companion!

The Top-Rated Mini Portable Air Conditioner 2022

Looking for a portable air conditioner to keep you cool while giving you fresh air to breathe? Our personal portable desktop ac unit was built to help you combat the sun’s heat while you’re in your home or office.

❄❄❄Large Water Tank

You can add water or small ice cubes in the water tank. A full tank of water can continuously keep spraying for 3-8 hours (depending on the speed of fan ). The waterless indicator will flash when the tank is dry.

❄❄❄Night Light
The misting fan has 7 soft colors. Place in dining or coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere! You can also long press to turn off the LED light. NOTICE: This portable air conditioner only cools the area around the user.

❄❄❄4 in 1 Multifunctional
It is not only an personal air cooler, but also a desk fan, air humidifier, LED mood light. You can use the small evaporative air cooler all year round, cooling you in hot summer and humidifying the air in dry autumn and winter. keep yourself away from dry, hot air and enjoy the mist.

❄❄❄3 Speed Wind Speed Mode
This mobile air conditioner has three levels of wind speed (high, medium, low), you can choose the leisure time, sleep time or working time that suits you best. The built-in colorful and soft led lights can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also help you improve your sleep.

Still bothered by the heat?

 An adjustable fan may be a good choice, but do they make you feel dry?

 An air conditioner may be a better way, but does it pollute the air? 

Or some power consumption?

Maybe you can have a better choice?

Own our Portable Air Conditioner:


❄ Create a personal cooling zone


❄ The temperature of the personal space can be reduced by up to 12 degrees


❄ While providing more power wind, it will not affect your rest due to noise


❄ 3 Choose from 3 speeds and adjust the airflow


❄ The humidification time is up to 4-6 hours


❄  Low energy consumption


❄ Just add water, plug in the power supply, and you can enjoy it easily


Air Conditioner Fan Humidifier Mini Personal Air Space Cooler for Table Desk Home Room Office 


Improves ventilation of the room, humidifies the air refreshing the environment through the use of a water tank of 350ml, rechargeable. 


Wind Type:Natural Wind, Sleep Wind, Prevailing Wind

Max. Power:<10W




Rotary Vane Quantity:Without Vane

Power Source:USB



Model Number:Portable Mini Air Conditioner Multifunction Cooling Fan

Voltage (V):5V

Controlling Mode:NORMAL

Package includes: 


1 x Personal Air Conditioner Fan


1 x Adapter 


1 x User Manual