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Higolot™ Projector Wireless Air Humidifier

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Create A Relaxing And Calming Ambience With Our New SpaceMist Humidifier

A mixture of moisture-filled air and ambient lighting is what transforms your room into a cozy haven. Our SpaceMist Air Humidifier can do that and more for your room with a single click of a button!

All you have to do is put some essential oil (not included), or your favorite perfume in the SpaceMist Air Humidifier to make your surroundings feel more relaxing. Even better, the night light changes colors and rotates while projecting a beautiful night light to create a romantic vibe throughout the night.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Efficiency And Focus - More oxygen in the air is proved to improve brain Activity, boosting your performance.


  • Make Your Skin Look Better Than Ever - With greater air humidity come a plethora of health benefits, including better skin, fewer wrinkles, and alleviated allergies and skin infections.
  • Prevents And Reduces Sickness - Fewer bacteria in the air reduces your chance of catching a cold, the flu, or even asthma.
  • Get More Out Of Your Perfume -  Just add a little bit of essential oil (not included) or your favorite perfume in the Moon Air Humidifier to make your surroundings feel more pleasing.


  • A Great Gift Idea - Just look at it, who wouldn't love to get one or even two of these as a gift. Adorable, affordable, portable, and improves the health of the receiver. The perfect gift!
  • Adjustable Light Color - Choose between wight reading light, warm yellow sleeping light, and blue atmospheric lights depending on your mood. All colors can be displayed at the same time!

  • High Quality And Compact Design - what more could you hope for? Thanks to those qualities, the SpaceMist upgrades the look of any room with its space-inspired looks. On top of that, the projection is clear even if the surface is 3 meters away.
  • Easy To Use - One button for the humidification, one for the lights. Hold the light button to change the brightness. Easy as that!

  • Plug And Play - Just add water to the tank, and plug in the included USB-C power cable.  A water-level window to check the water level and a huge water capacity. It's really that easy.