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Higolot™ Silicone round ice hockey mold

Customer Reviews

🧊A good partner for drinking, A big ice hockey is cool enough🧊


  • This ice hockey mold can make large spherical ice cubes with a diameter of 6cm, ensuring your drinks will stay refrigerated longer without melting, perfect for home use, parties, whiskey and bars, etc.
  • This ice hockey mold makes perfect ice hockey pucks that add the perfect touch to your whisky, vodka, spirits, scotch, rum, cocktails and more, as it ensures full flavor retention.
  • This ice wine mold is made of thickened food-grade silicone material, and the upper and lower layers are designed. When taking ice, you only need to gently open the top cover, and you can quickly take out the ice ball, which is very convenient. The silicone cover is also designed with a water outlet, so don’t worry if there is too much water in the lower layer.
  • This ice hockey mold is individually packaged, so it can be perfectly placed even in small corners for easy access and storage.
  • This ice ball mold is BPA free, non-toxic, food grade, leak free, microwave safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe silicone ice cube tray with lid.
  • This durable and flexible silicone ice tray won't crack or break like plastic ice trays; easy to fill, remove and clean.
  • You can put any drink you like in this ice hockey mold, put drinks, juice, tea, etc. in it to DIY your favorite flavor

Production Method:
1. Pour drinking water/drinks into the bottom bracket (a circle of bulges on the bottom bracket is the reference water level)
2. Grab the cover ears on both sides of the upper cover and press down gently to squeeze out the excess water
3. Put it in the refrigerator smoothly


  • Color: blue, pink, green, gray
  • Adaptable temperature: upper cover -30°C--260°C ,bottom bracket-20°C--100°C
  • Material: top cover silicone / bottom support PP
  • Ice hockey capacity: about 130ml
  • Ice hockey diameter: 6cm
  • Product size: 110*80mm


Package including:

  • 1/2/4 *Silicone round ice hockey mold