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  • Multifunctional Interaction Dog Toys:Amultifunctional toy for dogs to play outdoors. Tug-of-war,squeaking,leaking food,molar and dog chew cotton rope 5 in 1. Put snacks in the snack slot toplay as a food dispensing toy. Squeaky sound will better attract dog'sattention, bring more happy experience to dogs
  • Non-toxic And High Quality Materials:The chewing ball dog toy made by food-grade TPR materials, will not hurt your dog.Strong elastic cord and the tie-out stick make the dog play durable andwear-resistant. Safe,harmless and not easy to break
  • Self Play And Tooth Cleaning:Play with itself in outdoors, resilience chew toys will inspire the desire to win,attract dog’s interest of playing. At the same time it can clean the dentalcalculus and rice residues in the mouth while the dog is playing and keep thebreath fresh

  • Play Anywhere:Not subject to siteconstraints, the playground or lawn and other outdoor place can be flexibleoperation. Used as a stretch rope ball for dogs,which is not only release dog’senergy but also enables dogs doing exercise
  • Easy To Use:Fix the tie-out stick onoutdoor lawn or the ground, The rope ball and squeaking will attract the dog's attention and directly leave the molar ball for dog to play and we can rest without playing with the dog.Because this toy will consume a lot dog’senergy,so that we recommend dog to play 20-30 minutes


  • Package Dimensions:10 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches
  • Item Weight:13.8 ounces/400G
  • Material:Ball: TPR,Tie-out stick: ABS,Elastic Rope: Polyester

Package Include

  • 1*Pet Outdoor Toy

Warm Tips:

  •  If the dog eats by mistake, it will not cause any harm to thedog and will be excreted through feces.
  • If the dog bites our toy at afixed time every day, it can clean the dental calculus and rice residues in themouth while the dog is playing,and can protect the dog’s oral hygiene.it isrecommended to use this product 15-20 minutes each time.
  • It’s strongly recommended thatthe dog should be accompanied by the owner when playing with this toy,so thatyour furry friend will continuously increase his intelligence and relieve dailyanxieties.
  • It you use this product foryour dog ever day,we suggest you that change another this product for your dogafter 20-30 days,or clean the product every time after using,which will be morebeneficial to the dog’s health.