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Elephants are the largest land mammals, but their population on earth is only getting smaller. 
With their mighty large bodies and long trunks, elephants are magnificent animals that help to maintain forest ecosystems and create rich biodiversity. However, due to habitat loss, degradation, and illegal wildlife trade, these creatures are under heavy threat.

The elephant population is decreasing globally - the number of African forest elephants fell by almost 90 percent, while the population of African savanna elephants decreased by at least 60% over the last 50 years. According to the IUCN Red List, 37500 elephants out of a total population of 135,000 are now considered critically endangered

Rescue the life of elephants while looking fashionable in our “Save An Elephant” Bracelet. Raise your voice for these majestic animals while bringing in a fantastic and trendy look to your everyday style.

  • Sparks conversation and raise awareness
  • Protects wild elephants
  • 15% of all proceeds will be donated to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

What is happening?

Elephants are struggling for their life. It is time to lend a helping hand.

Tough and gigantic, elephants are useful and powerful too. They are the forest’s ecosystem engineers, helping other animals thrive while also planting trees by dispersing seedlings far and wide. Indeed, their help to nature is as large as their ears and bodies!

As a result of land degradation and animal hunting, the lives of thousands of elephants all over the world are coming to an end. Poaching and illegal ivory trading also play a great role in endangering elephants globally.

In fact, the total combined population for both the African forest and savannah has significantly decreased to around 415,000 elephants.

By keeping our nature and ecosystem in check, elephants help protect our environment. Now, it's up to us to protect them and save their lives. 

You can make an impact.

You looking at this product is a sign that you’re lending a helping hand. And for that we are greatly appreciative and eternally grateful - and the elephants and ecosystems will be too

This is what you’ll get…

Elephants symbolize good luck, wisdom, and protection. Standing true to its symbol, our “Save An Elephant” Bracelet is created for you to show off your beauty and wear our elegant bracelet with pride while protecting elephants all around the world.

  • Help The Elephants! Each bracelet has a story of its own. It allows you to support a great cause and brings you into the world of promoting animal wellbeing so together we can make the lives of elephants better.
  • High-Quality! The “Save An Elephant” Bracelet is beautifully and intricately crafted by our designers and is made with the natural stone of fabulous colors to make it stand out. Treat your bracelets with care, like the way you’re caring for this meaningful cause.
  • A Great Gift! The perfect present for a caring friend or loved one, this bracelet shows that you care for them, the animals, and the planet. Simple and stylish, it is a gift that will be treasured for eternity. 

Contribute to a better world and create change for elephants with our elegant “Save An Elephant” Bracelet. 

This chic and sophisticated bracelet reminds you of the elephant’s true symbol - protection. The elephants have been taking care of our forest and our earth for centuries. It is now our responsibility to take care of them.